posted by radmin on Dec 22

Heavy-Hootered Harley

Heavy-Hootered Harley

Youthful Harley Ann is back to cause severe stiffness and bloating under your belt. It is not Harley Ann’s fault. She’s just pumped up that way.

We asked Harley Ann about her previous shoots.

XLGirls: Did u watch the scenes you did earlier?
Harley Ann: “I saw a little bit of them. I watched them alone. I did not have sex while I watched them which is what I have read that some beauties do. That does sound hawt to see yourself getting banged during the time that you’re getting rogered at home.”

XLGirls: What did u think?
Harley Ann: “I thought they turned out more worthy than I expected! It definitely furthered my modeling ability. I’m much more comfortable in front of a digi camera now.”

XLGirls: So what makes u feel very hot?
Harley Ann: “I feel hawt when I am giving a boy a oral job. I too feel sexy when I am all dressed-up, like I am in this shoot.”

XLGirls: What’s your top three erotic experiences so far?
Harley Ann: 1) My 1st time with a dominatrix-bitch. TWO) Sleeping with an maturer guy. THREE) My first time being bound up in slavery.

Thanks, Harley Ann. Stay hot.

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