posted by radmin on Oct 30



Tracey, has a skirt chaser ever asked you to shave your pubes?
“No. In advance of I bonk a buck I kind of let him know that I have a bush so he’s not taken by surprise. I’ll try to identify a way to mention that I don’t shave down there. And as far as I know, all the lads I’ve hooked up with have been okay with pubes, especially the maturer lads. It appears to be adore the 40-plus men indeed love pubes on girls!”

Why do u think aged boys adore girls with hirsute pubes?
“I’m not sure. One fellow told me it’s ‘cuz it reminds him of when this chab was younger and it was normal for all girls to have pubes. And another one said me that this chab can’t live without the way fuzzy cookie feels and smells.”

Will u ever shave?
“Maybe one day just to watch what it’s love to have a smooth love tunnel. I’m interested to know what all the rage is about.”

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