posted by radmin on Dec 21

Screw the teacher!

Fuck the teacher!

“I work very stiff to keep my body trim,” told Female S., a 64-year-old wife from the Britain. “I go to the Fitness Centre three or four times a week. I desire my hubby and other males to crave me. My hubby tells me I’m charming and says this Lothario wouldn’t change a thing.”

We’d change merely one thing about Lady S.: In this scene, she’d be engulfing and screwing our schlongs instead of Lance’s. Other than that, she is flawless. Here, that babe is a teacher, and she’s looking very sexy in her tight, button-down top, skirt and matching under garment and straps. Is this how dominatrix-bitch teachers costume these days? Well, yes, if they look like Woman S.

And here’s the deal: Female-dominant S., who’s now retired, used to be a school teacher! So this scene is definitely reality-based…sought of.

“I wasn’t a naughty teacher, if that’s what you are asking,” this babe told. “I never got in a predicament for doing everything I wasn’t supposed to do with any of my students. But I wouldn’t mind if some of ’em were out there right now, looking at those fotos and relishing a precious wank.”

We’re sure they are.

Can u imagine logging-on to and seeing your sexy former teacher doing this?

Lady S., who’s a Mama and a granny, is into the more-sensual side of sex. Light touches. Long walks on the beach. Holding hands. Breathing on a lover’s neck. But she’s likewise into engulfing jock and getting that constricted, aged muff of hers banged.

“I worked hard, retired and now I’m plan to enjoy,” that babe said. “Would I ever shag one of my former students? Why not? U solely live once is what I always say.”

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