posted by radmin on Apr 13

From Japan With Love

From Japan With Love

Young and big-boobed Kaho Shibuya from Tokyo is a living doll: fascinating, sexy and soft-spoken. Kaho plays with her bras and a tape measure and gives herself a hand in daybed. This babe takes her time and is in no rush. One of her sexiest features is solely in the video: her voice.

“I always wear a brassiere,” said Miss Shibuya, whose English is killer. “I like to buy Japanese bras. Even when I go to couch, I go to sleep with my wireless under garment. And when I go to daybed, I masturbate. I masturbate nearly daily. Sometimes I masturbate twice a day.”

What satisfies Kaho preeminent during sex?

“I like intensive eye-contact while thrusting. But in advance of that, I love it when my fullsome funbags are licked and sucked softly.”

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