posted by radmin on Jan 13

Demure Cutie

Coy Cutie

U make very sexy faces. Do u ever receive called a flirt or a tanalise?
“Sometimes, but not often. Sometimes fellows think I am giving them some kind of signal, but this is just my face! I suppose I have a way of looking at people that’s kind of hot and flirtatious. That is ‘coz sex is nearly always on my mind. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I desire to bonk ’em. And even if I crave to copulate, I am a little flexible when it comes to making a move on a lad.”

So u love most of all the bucks to make the move on u?
“I think all cuties do. Even if a hotty is assured and aggressive, it still feels nice for a boy to show you how much this man craves u. Cuties like to be chased and shown attention. It is the way we are pumped up. If there is raunchy tension between a lad and I, I’d feel that that chap was less manly if he did not make a move. Although I’ve made the 1st move on a lad in advance of. I was super lewd, and I just could not wait any longer for cock.”

How do you let a ladies man know you crave him?
“I try to give him a look that says, ‘I wanna bonk u.’ I try to say it with my eyes. I try to be physically close to him. I will touch him, or let him touch me. It is all in the body language. I’ll be open and hope that buck gets the hint to vagina me and shag me!”

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