posted by radmin on Feb 22

Flashing For Joy

Flashing For Fun

“I’ve been stripped modeling for eight years,” says Nikki Cars, a large favourite with citizens. Eight years is no small feat. Lots of cuties are in and out, moving on and settling down. “I got into it for the fun of it. It was my husband’s idea. I did not wait to become so popular. It just spiraled from there. I started doing web camera, phone sex and then I came here. The phone sex would get kinda humorous. I did that for quite a whilst. It is just my voice so I could do things around the house during the time that I was talking. One fellow would call me and he wanted me to give him directions to where I was supposed to work, a book store. He would ask me if I was warm in there or if it was cold in there. Ask me if I was wearing a jacket. I didn’t understand at 1st. That buck kept wanting me to tell him I took my jacket off and then to give him directions to acquire off at the exit. That’s what did it for him.” Yep, every person has his or her specific hot button. Nikki always dresses to decorate her boobs of enjoyment. U probably know this. “I love to unveil off, wear hawt tops. Yes, I’ve flashed in public. About a billion times! I adore flashing truckers. That is joy for me. My allies would always dare me. ‘Come on, Nikki, do it!’ So, they’d tell me to do it and I would do it. Could be anywhere!” Nikki Cars. A good cutie to have around. Stay tuned for more Nikki coming in a short time.

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