posted by radmin on Oct 28

Early Bird

Early Bird

Hey, Pepper. Does the early bird indeed get the worm?
“Yup! I’ve always been an early riser and it’s the best. I receive so much more done. If I sleep in I feel like I missed half the day. Even if I go to sleep late I automatically wake up early. And you know what my beloved thing to do is when I first wake up? Rub one out! Cumming 1st thing in the morning puts me in the almost all wonderful mood for the rest of the day. It’s love morning sex, merely just with myself. Although not long ago I haven’t been accomplished to masturbate in my dorm ‘coz of my room mate. So I have been getting up additional early and going to class. It is always empty, so I masturbate in there. It was unusual at first but now I like it.”

So you’ve not ever fondelled one out while your roomie was around?
“Well, I did one time. It was late at night and that babe was banging a guy. I pretended like I was asleep, but I was listening to them get it on the entire time. I got slutty, so I fingered myself while listening to her groan and stuff. I pretended like my finger was a wang and I creamed all over my hand.”

How come u only did it that one time?
“It was kind of weird. I mean, it was hot, but still. I felt a little creepy, like I was spying on ’em even though they were banging right next to me. I’d just rather have privacy if I am going to masturbate. And her and I aren’t super close, so I felt awkward about it.”

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