posted by radmin on Jan 21

Doe-Eyed Dancer

Doe-Eyed Dancer

Welcome, Karmen. What do you
like to do in your free time?
“My two giant hobbies are painting and stripping. I’ve been
doing the one and the other for years. Exotic dancing is probably my much loved though.
Thanks to dancing I’ve always been talented to stay thin and in
shape, and I have become actually supple, likewise!”

Have u used this
flexibility for sex?
“Not yet. I haven’t had that much sex,
so I suppose I by no means thought to try it. But
now that you mention it, the next time
I have sex I’ll try putting my feet
behind my head or smth.”

How many times
have you had
sex, and how do
you adore it so far?
“I’ve had sex probably about
five or six times. I like it. I definitely
think about it a lot. I
kind of just feel like I still have
a lot to learn. I can have
orgasms on my own, but I
haven’t had one during sex yet.
I need an adept lad to
aid me have one.”

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