posted by radmin on Jan 6

A Guy’s Almost any worthy Ally

A Guy's Best Friend

23-38-46. Those are Diamond Monroe’s neck-breaking stats. You might wanna put your coke bottles away when this playgirl walks into a room. She takes the term coke-bottle body to one more level.

“Yeah, studs do not even pretend they’re not checking me out,” Diamond told us. “They’ll say things love, ‘Damn, ma. I see what you are workin’ with. Can I acquire some?’ I pretend I don’t like it sometimes, but what goddess doesn’t adore feeling sexy?”

We’re sure feeling hot is never an issue for Diamond. We hope diamonds actually are forever ‘cuz we’re not at any time giving this one back. It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We won’t dispute that, and we’ll let the ladies hold on to these rocks. Because if u ask us, it is this Diamond that’s the perfect cut. She’s ridiculously thick and constantly longing strapon.

“I have a guy’s sex drive,” Diamond said. “I adore fucking. I’ve had a hardly any boyfriends tell me they were also exhausted. My gals say they’ve not at all heard that from boyz before.”

Ah, you need boyz like us, Diamond. We’ll never be likewise exhausted for you.

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