posted by radmin on Oct 5

Cum-Filled Nerd

Cum-Filled Nerd

What’s up with the nerdy get-up?
“Believe it or not, I was a nerd in high-school until I turned into a bad cutie. But honestly, that nerdy side is still inside of me. Sometimes I like to put on my glasses and suspenders just for the joy of it. I was helping
this boy study so I thought it would be fitting to costume that way. This woman chaser must’ve been into it ’cause that buck sure drilled me adore he was!”

How did you break the ice to copulate this lad?
“While we were studying I kept getting closer to him until our shoulders were touching. Then we made eye contact and just ended up kissing. And from there I suppose we one as well as the other got turned on. I started feeling my
cookie getting luscious. I snatched his knob and it was rock hard, so I took it out and sucked it!”

What did he do that you liked the almost all, Allison?
“Everything! But if I had to pick I would say that he was truly good at pounding my fur pie. Some of the boys I have been with did not know how to pound me right, but this boy did! And I liked how this chab would
go unyielding and fast for a little, then go slow and move his meat-thermometer around in a circle.”

How come u decided to let him cum inside of your love tunnel?
“‘Cause I was that horny! With the way he fucked me, this gent merited it. Usually the 1st time u screw somebody it is not that precious, but it was astonishing with him. More mind blowing than I contemplated! He knew how to work that schlong. When I was riding him, that buck pulled my buttcheeks and I could feel my constricted, little twat opening up to take more of him in. Mind blowing! That’s why I let him splash out all his sticky ball cream in me.”

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