posted by radmin on Aug 20

Creamin’ That Crack

Creamin' That Crack

Here is a little secret about Enjoyment Mia that you might not know…
this little sweetheart is actually Dominican. Now, that may not make a difference to you when you observe her arse, because it’s a fine a-hole and her being Lalin girl doesn’t change that, right? But here is when it DOES make a difference… when she’s callin’ out all sorts of nasty things in SPANISH whilst she’s ridin’ on your wang. U might not even speak Spanish, but who cares? There is nothing hotter than a sweetheart so turned on that she has to speak to you in 2 languages. That’s a testament to your pumpin’ prowess, buddy. “That’s how you will know that I am turned on,” says Fun with a little smile on her face. “I’ll initiate calling u ‘Papi’ (that’s Daddy, in Spanish) and I’ll just initiate going off in Spanish.” Hey, Enjoyment Mia is so valuable that that babe could shriek out shit in Martian and we’d still be compelled to cum in her a-hole crack.

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