posted by radmin on Oct 11

Humongous Cougar Can

Colossal Cougar Can

First, we wanna say that u are one hawt M.I.L.F.! Tell us about yourself, Bella.

“Well, thank you. I like to take care of myself. Well, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and smth about that recent air and tropical life makes vixens look better in their 40s, I suppose. I live in Miami now and make my living as a photographer. I like working out, riding my bike around town and sometimes, when I’m concupiscent…I adore to have wild sex with fellows and women.”

What makes for “wild” sex, Bella? We adore slutty details!

“Well, when I was younger, I liked to just receive straight to the sex and skip all the other stuff, but now, since I’m maturer, I like the buildup. And I’m not just talking about foreplay, but that is important, too. The build-up, at least for me, is the anticipation of knowing that you’re going to bonk someone and holding out until the last possible pont of time.”

What kinds of things make the build-up to sex fine for u?

“Well, if I see a fellow I am interested in, I like to flirt, certainly. But it’s lots of little things. Love, maybe going out for drinks at a crowded bar and then leaning over and telling him that I’m not wearing any thongs and then widening my legs wide and giving him a glimpse. I too adore to fool around in public places where we can acquire hawt, but solely to a certain point. It is that restraint that makes the actual sex so
much more wondrous for me.”

Okay, so let’s say all of that anticipation has come to a head and now it is time for the main event…what acquires u off, Bella?

“I love big, powerful boyz who can manhandle me. I love when fellows take control. I want to be poked up against a wall and have my suit lifted and my panties torn off. I adore the idea of being unable to resist. I need a Lothario who is plan to put his entire mouth on my love tunnel and eat it like he’s starving. That smooth operator can take up with the tongue my asshole, likewise. I love that. I love to talk ribald and often scratch or bite when I am cumming. If I’m on top, I love to lean down and bite a man’s shoulders. If he’s screwing me from behind, then I adore to bury my face in the pillows and scream!”

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