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posted by radmin on Jan 13

Harlow’s Pussy Diddling Fest

Harlow's Pussy Diddling Fest

Harlow is a fresh-faced blonde with a tight, athletic body. She’s bored at home, thinking about her boyfriend while she massages her perky tits.

She’s wearing a sports bra and tiny stretchy shorts. It’s the kind of outfit that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, especially when Harlow is sitting with her legs open and her shorts pulled up into her slit. That’s okay though; the only thing we want to be left to the imagination is what it’d be like to actually fuck Harlow. But her pussy, tits and ass? We want that on full display, and it’s not long till that’s the case.

Harlow has a pretty pussy, which she strokes, spreads and finger-fucks. We can only guess where her imagination is taking her as she brings herself to orgasm. And we’re pretty sure we know exactly where yours is.

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posted by radmin on Jan 11

Shameless Anal Slut

Shameless Anal Slut

We don’t know much about Mia. But one thing is obvious: she’s a horny, dirty anal slut. She’s shameless about it too. That’s why she proudly bends over and spreads her cheeks, showing off how much her butt can gape. And one of the best things about Mia is that her ass tightens back up as soon as she’s done spreading. Going ass to pussy and ass to mouth? No biggie for this blonde. She keeps her butthole immaculate so she can do those things.

After getting properly sodomized, Mia takes this guy’s ass-juice-covered shaft and sucks on it till he fills her mouth with jizz. That’s another thing we learn about Mia. She loves cum. Do you really need to know anything else?

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posted by radmin on Jan 9

From the Archives: A Tour of Sage’s Pussy

From the Archives: A Tour of Sage's Pussy

This is a classic scene from the archives. It was originally featured in 18eighteen Xtra 2.

In the scene, Sage is eager to meet her rockstar crush. He’s been on tour for a week and hasn’t gotten any pussy. That’s about to change.

Sage is giggly and a little nervous, but you can tell she’s excited to suck and fuck this frontman. She moans while hungrily slurping his cock. Once he’s at full stiffness, Mr. Rockstar guides Sage onto his pole, and she grunts, amazed at how filled up she feels. Her titties jiggle as he drills her from behind. He even gets her in the acrobatic pile-driver position. And for the final act, he jizzes all over her fresh face. This is now Sage’s favorite performance of his.

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posted by radmin on Jan 7

From the Archives: Take a Chance

From the Archives: Take a Chance

This is a classic scene from the archives. It was originally featured in 18eighteen Xtra 2.

Cute little Chance is the type of student who spends more time in the principal’s office than she does in class. But just because she’s bad doesn’t mean she’s not smart, and Chance proves that even an unruly student can teach the principal a few things when given the opportunity!

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posted by radmin on Jan 4

I’m About To Erupt

I'm About To Erupt

Are you having fun doing this science experiment, Franziska?
“Not really, but I could think of some other kinds of experiments I’d like to do. Like have a threesome with two guys or go to a swingers’ club to get freaky with a married couple or something. I finally broke up with my boyfriend and things have been crazy since then. I hooked up with two girls like how I told you I wanted to the last time I shot for you. I thought I would just like getting eaten out by a girl, but I found out that I get really turned on from eating pussy, too. So while one girl fucked me with a strap-on I munched on the other one’s twat.”

What else have you done since we saw you last?
“I’ve just fucked a couple of guys. The best time was at this football game for our school. Our team kind of sucks so there weren’t that many people in the bleachers. Well, I sat on this guy’s lap and I felt he had a boner so I started rubbing on it. I had on a skirt and next thing I know he moved my panties over and took his dick out. He started rubbing it on my slit and that’s when he slipped it in. I was sooo wet.”

Nobody even noticed?
“Nah. I was moving really slow and I barely made any noise, except for a little squeak when I was cumming. It felt so good grinding on his dick in public. I dripped all over him and left a wet spot!”

You probably wish someone would’ve seen you fucking.
“I did kind of wish that someone would’ve seen us. I’m an exhibitionist and I get off on knowing that people are looking at me and getting horny. But even though no one saw us it was still exciting ’cause there was a chance that we could’ve gotten in trouble. I think that’s part of the reason I was so turned on and wet. That, and he had a really big dick. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.”

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posted by radmin on Jan 2

Slim and Stacked Tristan Cums for You

Slim and Stacked Tristan Cums for You

This video starts with close-ups of Tristan’s cute face and braces. There’s a quick panning over her body down to her crotch. You can’t see much yet, but it’s still enough to intrigue.

“I love when I’m home alone ’cause I can sit here and do naughty things and imagine that people are watching me.”

People definitely want to watch, especially guys who like big tits. That’s because Tristan has a great set of knockers. She unveils her big boobs and traces her spit-covered fingers over her nipples. Those fingers work their way down to her shaved pussy. Tristan parts her purple, meaty lips and diddles herself while fantasizing about the cock she wishes was inside her.

She wishes she could fuck you, and you wish you could fuck her. For now, all you can do is watch, but Tristan cums hard from that idea too.

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posted by radmin on Dec 30

Braces and Boobs

Braces and Boobs

Tristan likes eye-to-tit contact.
She’s not one of those girls who will say, “My eyes are up here!” That’s because Tristan likes it when guys stare at her chest. She has a nice rack, and she knows it. “You should see the looks I get when I wear a low-cut top.”

Were you always proud of your tits?
“Well, they came in fast. It seemed like they grew overnight. So at first I was a little embarrassed because it happened so fast and everybody noticed. But it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Now I love them. Even girls in the locker room tell me how nice they are and ask if they can touch. I let them, and honestly, it makes my pussy tingle. I might be bi or something.”

Would you ever get with a girl?
“I’ve kissed a girl before and I liked it. I prefer kissing guys. I just crave that masculinity. But I could definitely see myself getting down with a girl. I hear girls eat really good pussy. I’ll have to find that out for myself! One day I’d also like to try a three-way with a girl and guy. Cock and pussy at the same time would be fun.”

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posted by radmin on Dec 28

Franziska’s Fanny

Franziska's Fanny

“So, I have a crush on my lab partner. We were supposed to work on our science project but he stood me up. Can you believe that? I so wanted to suck his dick and fuck him. I have to admit, I’m pissed that he didn’t show up. But the fact that he’s playing hard to get really turns me on. Now I’ll have to get myself off with my dildo. I’m gonna stuff my hole till it’s oozing cunt-sauce like this volcano. Just ’cause he didn’t come doesn’t mean that I can’t.”

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