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posted by radmin on Sep 16

Maddie Cross: solo today, anal Thursday!

Maddie Cross: solo today, anal Thursday!

Maddie Cross, one of the most-popular MILFs of 2021, is back. Today, she’s going to show off her big, tan-lined tits and curvy body and fuck her pussy with a toy. But we’re not going to bury the lede: Thursday, Mrs. Cross is going to get ass-fucked on-camera for the first time, and that’s an event worth getting excited over.

When Maddie first come to, we asked her, “Are you into anal sex?” She said, “Yes, but only with my husband.” That meant no anal for us…until this week.

So get ready for Maddie’s first anal and get warmed up with this hot solo scene.

50Plus MILFs: Do you have kids?

Maddie: I do. I have two sons. And I have one grandbaby, so I’m a GILF now. [Laughs]

50Plus MILFs: How does it make you feel to know you’re admired by younger men?

Maddie: The first thing I think of is fine wine. It’s very flattering to know that I turn on younger guys. I’d always thought that older women don’t usually have that draw for younger guys, especially in the south, but it’s not true. I live close to a college town, so the students will have their girlfriends, but then they’ll have me on the side. It’s kinda fun. It works for me. My husband I are both very open-minded. We look at it this way: Life’s too short. You gotta have fun. You gotta enjoy yourself.

50Plus MILFs: You must have some really interesting stories.

Maddie: Oh, yes. Once, we picked up a young guy. He was a college student. My husband has a big Chevy Duramax with four doors, so we picked this guy up, and this young gentleman and I got in the back of the truck and started playing around and having sex, and the whole time, my husband was driving us all around town. It was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun with him.

50Plus MILFs: What was the guy’s reaction?

Maddie: Oh, he had a great time! He was all for it. Like, “Yeah, this is fun. I’m up for this!”

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Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirl

Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirl

Dressed up as a student, Mia Khalifa, whom I’m proud to say I discovered, deep-throats and fucks Tony’s cock. Lucky guy. This was Mia’s second fuck scene ever and was shot before she gained so much publicity and, in some cases, notoriety, although in my opinion, that word doesn’t fit. Everything Mia did was good, and the things she did with us, like this video, were great because she was new and fresh to the adult scene.

By now, you know the story. Mia, who’s of Lebanese descent, became an Internet sensation, pilloried by people in Lebanon and disowned by her parents. Her story was told in mainstream magazines and newspapers, and for a while, she was the No. 1 porn star in the world. But as quickly as she got into porn, that’s as quickly as she got out. Yet her fame has not lessened.

Mia moved from Florida to Texas, trolled college and sports athletes on the Web and became a sports commentator.

Here are some excerpts from one of two interviews I did with Mia. I gotta say, it felt odd to see the girl who used to take my order at the burger joint sucking cock, but it was a very good kind of odd. And by the way, that burger joint in Miami wasn’t Whataburger, despite urban myths to the contrary. Miami doesn’t have a Whataburger.

SCORELAND: Did your family know that you were doing porn before the Lebanese stuff started breaking?

Mia: You know how they knew? As soon as my stuff at SCORELAND went live, someone made a fake Instagram of [me], and they friend-requested everyone that I followed, including my family members.

SCORELAND: That’s pretty mean. If people weren’t so mean, this would all be fine.

Mia: I know. If this was the ’90s or early 2000s, I don’t think anybody would know, not in Lebanon, not up in Maryland.

SCORELAND: How about the good side. The best part about this has been…

MIA: All of the Florida State attention. That has been the best part of all this. I formed a little family called FSU Twitter, and it’s so much fun to talk to all the Florida State fans and a few players. It’s just been awesome. That has been my favorite part. Well, no. That’s my second-favorite part. I lied. My favorite part is that all the boys in high school who turned me down are now following me on Twitter and trying to hit me up.

SCORELAND: Do you look different?

MIA: I look a lot different. I weigh 60 pounds less and I have giant tits now. Some guy Tweeted, “Hey, she asked me to prom freshman year!” And I was like, “Yeah, but you said, ‘No.’ Do you regret that now?”

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P.O.V. (and more) XXX

P.O.V. (and more) XXX

Elara Elis, a 58-year-old divorcee and mom from Florida, gets right to it today. She’s wearing lacy lingerie, and can’t wait to get to the guy’s cock. A lot of this video is shot from your point of view, so it’s easy to imagine that she’s sucking and fucking your cock and spreading her pussy for you. Not all of the scene is shot P.O.V. (as some members have pointed out, 100% P.O.V. cuts down on the number of fucking angles). But a lot of it is.

50Plus MILFs: What kind of guys do you like?

Elara: Respectful gentlemen. [Editor’s note: Shooting your load on a woman’s face doesn’t make you disrespectful if she wants you to shoot your load on her face, as Elara does here.]

50Plus MILFs: Are you a swinger?

Elara: No, but I went to a swingers club once and it was the most orgasmic experience I’ve ever had. Everyone gathered in a room for sex. I loved it.

50Plus MILFs: Are you a nudist?

Elara: No, but I love to be nude.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into any fetishes?

Elara: I am happy to try anything!

50Plus MILFs: What are your sexual fantasies?

Elara: To be brought into a playroom, tied up gently and given extreme pleasure.

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An Eyeful of Brooklyn Springvalley

An Eyeful of Brooklyn Springvalley

You can peep on Brooklyn Springvalley through the glass door all you want as she arranges the patio furniture, but she has psychic powers and knows when a guy is checking out her body and huge boobs from a distance. She can tune into your mind and know what you’re thinking.

When Brooklyn is done straightening out the chairs, she comes inside to give you an eyeful of her bodacious body in private. You wanted the guided tour of Brooklyn and her soft curves and twin peaks while you were staring at her. Well, here comes her personal geography lesson.

BigBoobLuvver wrote, “Enormous tasty tits, extremely attractive and a gorgeous smile. Combine all that with a hot, killer body and you’ve got Miss Brooklyn Springvalley.”

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Elara’s in the kitchen

Elara's in the kitchen

The last time we saw Elara Elis, she was getting naked and fucking on-camera for the first time at That was more than eight years ago. Elara was 49 years old. Today, Elara is 58. She’s divorced. A lot of time has passed since she debuted and told us, “I’ve been fingering myself and fantasizing about all the guys who are going to jerk off to my pictures.” But Elara is as hot as before. Maybe hotter. And today, she has something cooking in the kitchen: her hot pussy, which she plays with on the kitchen counter. Later this week, Elara is going to fuck again.

Elara is a born and raised Florida girl with one grown son. She enjoys watching sports, SCUBA diving, working out and traveling.

50Plus MILFs: What do you want to try that you haven’t done?

Elara: Skydive, go up in a hot air balloon and drive a race car.

50Plus MILFs: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Elara: All kinds. It can be an adventure date or as simple as a movie date.

50Plus MILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here?

Elara: I doubt it. I am a very sexy and courageous woman.

50Plus MILFs: What kind of jobs have you had?

Elara: I was a realtor. I owned a cellphone store. I had a business in Mexico in which I put photos on T-shirts. And I also owned a taco shop.

Enjoy Elara’s pink taco.

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Spencer Bradley Spencer Bradley
Spencer Bradley @
Spencer just can’t help it. Whenever she sees her husband she literally wants to slap his face. His very essence makes her furious. So when she returns home to find him with a couple of his co workers enjoying drinks after watching football his happiness triggers her. She is never happy with him. And especially not in the bedroom when and if he gets his perpetually flacid penis hard it only gives her minimal pleasure. So yes Spencer enjoys belittling him and making fun of him in front of literally anybody. Yesterday it was his family today it is his friends. They laugh along with her as she makes jokes at her husbands expense. But today Spencer is determined to take it a step further. Perhaps all the way to the bedroom. These men seem to be more than game as she rubs on them and bares her sweet lady hole for all the room to see. Shocked and and amazed the poor cuck cannot believe this is happening. Surely this is a jest. But when he walks into the room and finds Spencer stuffed with massive black cock Ryan knows knows just how serious she was. How can a loser like Ryan hope to keep a hot wife like Spencer happy? She needs so much more than his little white shriveled pink penis and boy is she getting it. Will and Mazee take turns slurping on her dripping pink taco and soon take turns plowing their eggplant hued roots into it. Those cocks are giving her more pleasure than she has ever felt and now she is actually cumming when seeing the offensive face of her husband while she fucks. Of course it’s because it’s not his cock and the pain of this is driving her to new levels of ecstasy. Over and over Spencer cums and grunts on those gigantic meat sticks all to her hubby’s chagrin. Soon she is bathed in jizz as he can only watch in horror as the black cocks squirt squirt squirt. The smell of semen like detergent wafts up into his nostrils and he almost gets dizzy from the reeking of love in the air. It is so true – love does come in spurts. Just never for Ryan.

Spencer Bradley Spencer Bradley

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Cyndi’s back for another ass-fucking!

Cyndi's back for another ass-fucking!

“I’m glad to be back here at 50PlusMILFs,” said 53-year-old Cyndi Sinclair, looking super-hot in her leather corset and skirt. “I had such a good time last time doing an anal scene, I think I’m going to do another one just for you.”

Just for us? Hey, what did we do other than jack off a zillion times to that scene? Guess that’s good enough for Cyndi, who crawls on the bed, little ass up in the air, and calls over her guy. It’s a lucky man who gets a blow job from Cyndi and gets to fuck her and an even luckier guy who gets to fuck her tight ass.

50Plus MILFs: Are you a MILF?

Cyndi: I am a MILF with grandchildren.

50Plus MILFs: Would the people you know be surprised to see you here?

Cyndi: No. They know what I do.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into anal sex?

Cyndi: Yes, and I’m into even more now that I’ve done it here!

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A day with Angela

A day with Angela

Angela visited our studio for the first time in September 2003, just six months after she turned 18. An incredible year for natural newcomers-that year brought Angela White, Sapphire, Sunshine, Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore, among others-suddenly got a lot better.

There are many great things about Angela. One of the greatest is that she contacted us to find out about modeling. When we saw her test shots, we immediately booked her flight to Miami, Florida. We wish we could’ve made it a one-way ticket.

Angela was super-excited when she arrived at our studio. She was living her dream. And when it became apparent that the girl was a great model, we immediately decided to produce her debut DVD, A Day With Angela White. In this DVD, high-energy Angela is followed by the vid-cams as she poses for the magazines, gets playful with her fantastic, big boobs and horny pussy, sits down for an interview/clothing show with the editors and soaps up her naturals in the shower.

This excerpt is the opener of A Day With Angela White. You’ll love her sexy Aussie accent.

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