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posted by radmin on Jan 28

The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

It’s always a pleasure to see Daria. She was one of the eight super-naturals in On Location North Coast. A fan herself of the SCORELAND Girls, Daria was enchanted by her island-mates and they were enchanted by her.

What makes Daria happy is “drinking wine at the seashore, thinking about the universe and enjoying the fullness of the moment.”

“I like a man to take the lead, keeping everything under control. I’m also into teasing. I like him to be natural, sincere, funny, emotional and intelligent. I guess that’s enough for the first time.

“If you were to ask me what my best qualities are, I would say I’m honest, ambitious, open-minded and I’m always ready to help. Physically, I really like my natural beauty, my eyes, lashes, my non-standard, sexy body shape and my skin.”

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posted by radmin on Jan 27

Give Her What She Deserves

Give Her What She Deserves

“I love bad boys,” Joei Deluxxxe told us. “I like guys who ride bikes and any man who welcomes danger. I think most girls like a guy that’s a little bit dangerous. Guys like that keep things interesting.”

We had no choice but to pair Joie with the baddest dude in our stable after she told us this. Our boy JMac knows how to handle chicks with a thirst for danger and lust for cock. When you’re with a girl like Joei, you have to be aggressive and use her as your personal fuck toy.

“I love being dominated,” Joei said. “I can’t deal with shy guys. If you want something, you better come and get it. I need you to fuck me the way a girl like me deserves.”

A girl like Joei needs her pussy beaten up and her ass covered in spunk. And she gets just that here.

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posted by radmin on Jan 25

DP For Victoria Lobov

Double Penetration For Victoria Lobov

Victoria Lobov is a fan of Danielle Derek. Relaxing in sofa, the beautiful and hot Victoria is watching Danielle’s Dual Penetration SCORE video on her phone and getting very horny. She plays with her sensitive nipples and fingers her luscious cum-hole, watching Danielle take 2 ramrods in her pink fur pie and chocolate hole.

Victoria reaches for her 2 glass dildos and does her own DP with the toys. The expression on her pleasant face is worthwhile. Just then, Will walks into the bedroom and catches her. This lady-killer comes over to the bed and looks at Victoria’s phone.

“I was watching Danielle Derek,” Victoria tells him in her squashy, raunchy voice. “She’s a SCORE Beauty. She’s so hot and fetching. Look what that babe is doing.”

“Whoa,” Will says. “She’s in a Dual Penetration. U adore that?”

“I’ve never tried but I suppose I’d adore to,” Victoria replies.

That inspires Will to call his bro Sam. He invites him over to share the sofa with Victoria and give her what she is been masturbating to. Sam goes into the bedroom where Victoria and Will have already started their fun. Sam joins in, and together, they screw Victoria’s constricted snatch and ass in DP, the way that babe saw Danielle Derek get DP’ed.

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posted by radmin on Jan 22

Chesty Czech Girl

Chesty Czech Chick

Veronika keeps a low-profile and doesn’t seek publicity and exposure in the big-tit world. Not to be constrained with another prolific, now-retired Veronika who starred in Big breasted Euro Maids, this Veronika got into bare modeling in 2003 and started at SCORELAND in 2005.

Veronika goes back to “civilian” life periodically, then resurfaces, usually with different colored hair, sometimes slimmer, sometimes heavier but with the same lusty, big busted attitude and adore for the aggressive weenie pounding into her.

“I like bucks. I once told I adore a gent who is an beast in daybed and controls me. I don’t have so much interest in making episodes with beauties but I do have fantasies of fuckfests with chaps and honey bunnys.

“Guys are always talking to me, wanting to take me home. One said to me ‘You have worthwhile, bigger in size than standard eyes.’ That was a matter of joke.”

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posted by radmin on Jan 19

Lucy Laistner: Hotty In A Summer Suit

Lucy Laistner: Goddess In A Summer Dress

Legal age teenager princess Lucy Laistner of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation has a gentle, downy way about her. This babe is potty to try everything life has to suggest. Becoming a model is a fine way for university first-year student Lucy to realize some of her dreams, like traveling and exploring new countries. It likewise helps with the practical side of life such as paying her tuition. That babe has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

Some of Lucy’s role adult models are Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Samantha Lily and Maria Body. That babe admires and respects them. That babe is met ’em in person and taken pix with them.

Lucy’s brassiere size is a 32JJ Britain size. That’s a 32N in the America. She favors bras by Buxom Kate.

In this photo set, Lucy spends some time in a garden. It’s intimate and sunny, just the right place to take off her summer dress, bra and knickers and reveal off her hawt, voluptuous body.

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Fun bags & Bush Buffet

Boobs & Bush Buffet

How does Mischel Lee handle a hungry stud? Two hungry men?

Mischel has served Steve and his bro Max a good meal. The stacked brunette hair with that ever-popular bush and pierced pussy clears the table and returns with some creamy pastries for the boys. Steve cant take his gaze off the body of this super-babe and wishes some of this walking, talking eye candy for dessert instead.

Steve fondles Mischel and removes all of her hawt garments, leaving her in straps and heels. He puts some of her pastry cock juice on her right tit and licks it off, telling Max to do the same on her other breast. They place Mischel on the table cuz she’s plan to be the main course. Plopping a pastry on every boob, Max and Steve feast on Mischel’s creamy goodness and take up with the tongue her funbags clean. Lip-smackin’ worthy!

It is time for Mischel to eat, also, so they help Mischel off the table and this babe kneels and sucks on every man’s sausage. Mischel is more than enough domina for two men. They tongue-fuck and cock-fuck Miss Lee on the table, off the table and on the floor in a buffet of milk sacks, banging, blowing and bushwhacking in an all-you-can-eat brunch-munch.

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Oil! Oil! Baby oil!

Oil! Greasy oil! Baby oil!

All parties need to end, and to wrap up this spectacular eight-girl party in the tropics, Sha, Codi, Demmy, Alexya, Kitty, Daria, Helen and Erin hit the beach in their bikinis, racing through the sand and surf. Their big love bubbles bounce and shake as they run and jump in the bustiest beach party of ’em all.

Peeling off their bikinis, the angels run to the pool and dive in for more group play. They baby oil each other and receive touchy-feely, making their voluptuous bodies shine in the tropical sun. Their North Coast pool party is interrupted by Dave, calling with an announcement for the final time from The SCORE Group offices in Miami.

“Girls, that was great, and I truly enjoyed your little oiling expose! Yeah, I was watching. And I am pleased to announce that we have a winner…or winners. Yep, I told winners. You beauties are all so great, you are all winners! “

The girls jump back into the pool, celebrating as a group, a united nations of big busted superstars. They’ll in a short time be leaving this paradise for their home countries but their friendships will continue.

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That Thing Casca Does

That Thing Casca Does

“I adore it when somebody is just being genuine in their compliments,” Casca Akashova said.

“I adore being wanted by the person I desire. Sincerity makes me blush. Be honest, be respectful and be yourself with me. And always..always…include valuable food.”

Casca likes a straight-up stud. No posers.

“Say hello and be straight-forward and assured,” Casca emphasized. “Not bold or rude. I like to watch a boy smile and make eye-contact. It is truly that elementary to acquire the ball rolling.”

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