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posted by radmin on Sep 16

KeAloha Means Sex

KeAloha Means Sex

Claudia and her bedmate are dozing when Claudia wakes up. She sleeps in a bra to keep her large hooters supported and secure. Horny immediately, Claudia touches her tits, pulls her bra down and rubs the nipples, getting excited.

She needs cock, bad. The hormones are pumping in the morning. She throws off the covers, still dressed in stockings, panties and bra, and starts engulfing his cock with her drooling mouth. Claudia has plans for his rod: stick it in her pussy hole and do a special pole dance on it. She’s got the horny morning blues and she needs action. She’s ready to ride the buckaroo to the Big O ranch.

“I love breast squeezing and sucking,” Claudia told SCORE‘s editors. “I like my tits handled roughly but gently at the same time. My tits are very soft and can be squeezed hard. My nipples are very, very sensitive so no biting or pulling hard on them. Gentle sucks are best for my nipples. Kissing and my tits being sucked make me cum the hardest.

“I like missionary position because I love to have my tits sucked while I have sex and also to be kissed. I like to see the guy’s face and have eye contact with him too. My least favorite is doggie because I can’t see anything.

“As you may have seen in my videos, I love giving head. I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I am tight so I like big cocks, but due to my small pussy they can be hard to take. So it is important but I don’t need a really huge dick.”

Claudia gets a huge dick anyway. She deserves one.

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posted by radmin on Sep 16

Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick’s Dick

Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick's Dick

Hot for kicks and big dicks, lithe and nubile Nyx Monroe meets porn stud Brick Danger. The tiny but topheavy honey’s boobs are in good hands. They have a fun time talkin’ tits and Brick makes giggly Nyx laugh. Let the good times roll.

Lovin’ her rack, Brick finger-spanks Nyx’s shaved pussy and licks it. Nyx swallows Brick’s prick, getting it all the way in, and sucks his nuts. He fucks her big tits first, then stuffs her wet pussy with cock in five positions. After pounding Nyx from behind, Brick coats her big tits. She licks his cum off her boobs and rubs the rest in. We’re impressed with the pretty brunette’s high sex drive and skills.

“I’m not a huge fan of foreplay,” said Nyx who came our way from an agent. “I love getting head. And when a guy cums, I swallow. Every. Single. Time.”

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Best of Tits & Tugs: Roxi Red

Best of Tits & Tugs: Roxi Red

Roxi Red is a member of the League Of Extraordinary Natural Bra-busters. This rare group of impossibly super-chesty women includes, but is not limited to, Miosotis, Mianna Thomas, Vanessa Del, Kristina Milan and, going back in time, Sammie Black and Jenny Hill. We believe that Roxi’s ultimate plan is domination of the big-boob world.

On the list above, only Roxi and Mianna are Americans (Roxi is from Minnesota), so let’s chalk up a win for Team USA. Carefully observe the skills and talents she possesses. When a man is confronted with such daunting mountains to conquer, he must cover them with his cum. We suggest you do not watch this early in the morning because you will be ruined for the rest of the day.

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Give It To Her

Give It To Her

You don’t find chicks like this just anywhere, gentlemen. Even by BootyLicious standards, this chick Klaudia Kelly has a rare combination of blessings. First, she has a pair of 34DD tits that would catch even the eyes of our friends at Voluptuous magazine. And as you scan up and down her body, you notice Klaudia has that hourglass figure dudes talk about and spill loads over. But when she turns around, that’s when it’s game over. All we have to say is, “44.” As in 44 inches of vanilla ass meat specifically made for face-sitting, doggystyle fucking and anything else you can imagine.

Today, our boy Johnny Champ is the lucky stud who gets to give it to this whootie. And Klaudia couldn’t be happier about it. Johnny’s hung like a horse, and that’s what she deserves.

“I like my men hung,” Klaudia said. “I’m working with a lot, so I need a man who is working with a lot, too. I’m going to give it to you, so you better give it to me.”

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The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot

The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot

Lola Hot is a cute, young, Czech-next-door who had only done a few local lingerie and swimsuit shoots before she came to us. She was interested in glamour stuff at first. You know, photos of models looking off into the horizon, all covered up in some fancy outfit. Boring. Then she met us.

Lola models when it doesn’t interfere with her classes and studies. She speaks Czech and German but little English. At first, she didn’t seem the type to want to shoot full sex XXX with men but she surprised everyone. “I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” Lola confessed.

When Lola saw her SCORELAND solo videos in which she fingered her tight pussy-hole, she said, “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the videos and pictures of myself afterwards. It got me excited again. I play with myself when I am alone at home. But I would rather have a guy give me pleasure. I masturbate thinking about that.”

“I get a lot of attention because of my tits and my body,” said Lola. “So I thought that I should try modeling. Guys are always telling me that and asking if I am a model.”

In this scene, Lola gets home from a date with Matt and they retire to the couch. She is dressed like the typical hot, young chick: heels, tight short-shorts, an open, tight shirt knotted at the waist.

They start making out and Matt goes right for Lola’s big, beautiful tits. Before you know it, he’s got his cock in her mouth and she’s sucking it like a lollipop. She even jacks him off herself into her mouth after he fucks her hard. We tell ya, these girls today. Sex is no big deal to them. They’re not looking to get married. They’re like guys. They want to fuck and have orgasms. If they don’t have a boyfriend or a booty call, they’ll whack one out themselves with a toy.

“I always get attention because of my breasts and I like it. My boobs grew big late. I was 18 years old. I love my tits because they make me feel like a woman.”

Amen to that, Lola.

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Diana Frost’s Busting Out for Desk Sex

Diana Frost's Busting Out for Desk Sex

Diana Frost and Dom are sharing a desk and doing some paperwork. They’ll be sharing a lot more in a few moments. Dom is getting distracted by Diana, as we all would. She’s a girl who knows how to dress to show off her voluptuous, shapely bod.

Today, Diana’s wearing a button-down pink cardigan and a push-up bra. Naturally Dom’s brain cells short-circuit. Diana knows this because she knows the effect she has on the male brain. She busted out at 16, and although she says she tries to not draw attention to them, she can’t hide ’em and says she tends to attract young guys.

Diana also likes to flirt and tease on a non-verbal level with eye-contact and body language like lip-licking. She starts in on Dom and the paperwork is forgotten when she buries his face between her big boobs. He feasts on her tits, plants her on the desk and eats her out, making her cum. Diana loves getting licked and tongue-fucked.

Diana gives him head and tit-fucks him. Now she’s ready to get dicked-down on the desk and on the couch. She never gets to give him her favorite kind of foreplay, which is tying a guy up. “Diana’s pussy was so tight,” said Dom. “She made me crazy. A great girl. Beautiful tits.”

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Busty Wet Dream Cums True

Busty Wet Dream Cums True

Alana Lace has the kind of look that you’d have seen in Voluptuous magazine in the 1990s, although the girls didn’t have tats like they do now and most had pubic hair, not bald pussies. They were usually brunette, stacked like a brick shithouse and earthy-looking with a fertility goddess appearance about them.

Extra-horny and brash, they’d model, maybe make a few porn videos if they were bold, then merge into a domesticated situation, never to show their big tits again to a camera, sadly enough.

Alana loves a lot of tit-play from her partners. She gets off on nipple sucking and strong hands rubbing and squeezing her soft naturals. She has large areolae and nipples that get very hard quickly. Tit-fucking is what really gets her stimulated and she’s vocal about that when she is in bed.

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Demmy Blaze: Wax On, Wax Off

Demmy Blaze: Wax On, Wax Off

Demmy Blaze has a riding crop and she’d be happy to show you how it works. This isn’t the sweet and nice Demmy. This is fetish mistress and bad girl Demmy dressed in black.

But she’s not entirely mean. She didn’t move to the dark side of the force. Demmy writes on the mirror in lipstick, “I *heart* SCORELAND.”

Whatever Demmy dresses in, she looks sensational. Her twin treasures are bigger than ever! She plays with the crop and spanks her boobs and ass with it.

Disrobing to her panties, Demmy heats up two cans of wax. She pours the wax all over her breasts then peels it off. Then Demmy takes off her panties and pours the other can of melted wax right above her beautiful pussy.

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