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posted by radmin on Oct 21

P.O. in Pleasure Town

P.O. in Pleasure Town

Sometimes you break the law and sometimes it is the job of the law to break you. And that means that you might be on probation for a while. You know about probation. You can’t do anything fun and all of a sudden you are wearing a new piece of ankle jewelry that makes it difficult to go where you want, when you want. And if you are unfortunate enough to be on probation, then you will have a Parole Officer. Now, a P.O. can make your life hell. They want you to pee in tiny cups and they break your balls about anything you’re doing, thinking about doing or want to do. But imagine if you will, that your P.O. was a hot chick with big tits. That when she showed up, it meant that she wanted a sample, not of your urine, but of your sperm. Then it’s not so bad, eh? Now we won’t lie to you and tell you that June Summers makes a great P.O., but we will say that when she says she is here to “Bust You” that means she is gonna milk your dong with her big titties. If that’s the case then just put your hands up and surrender.

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posted by radmin on Aug 26

There’s Sex in the Champagne Room

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room

Ah, the undress club. Who doesn’t adore the exotic dancing club? Loud music, bare harlots, and valuable times abounding…it’s like an adult amusement park. And this adult amusement park comes whole with adult beverages, food and all sorts of attractions. Apparently, there are also pleasure rides at this exotic dancing club, because for sufficient Benjamins, u can take a spin in Carmen Hayes‘ wet crack. Yes, those lying bastards who told u there was no sex in the champagne room apparently by no means rolled with enough cash to purchase prime arse like this. When u go to the strip club Carmen dances at, this babe gives u a great stage show and then she takes you back to the VIP room and gives you a great ho-blow. Carmen, in all her pliant brilliance, takes down cock like a champion. You know how they say that people who really adore their jobs always do a great job? Well, we think Carmen identified her true calling coz not lots of honey bunnys look this glad shaking their butts for chaps and getting banged, also. Carmen is all about two things: Greenbacks and lying on her back. Hey, we’re not detesting on her. Make that cash, baby!

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posted by radmin on Aug 24

Carmen Likes Cum

Carmen Loves Cum

If what you’re seeing here seems especially POVy (meaning the point of check out seems to be more first-person oriented than anything you’ve ever seen before) there is a good reason for that. The lad screwing Carmen Hayes? The boy getting his dicked sucked by Carmen? This petticoat chaser was the photographer and videographer, also. So, more than in any thing of this kind we’ve ever seen, it really appears to be as if Carmen is sucking your rod and that’s your dick plowing Carmen’s tight vagina and that it is your cum that is coating Carmen’s magnificent, natural F-cup bazookas. For these of u who are into the still version of this scene, we call your attention to the captivating POV shots of Carmen laying back, bunching up her mangos and getting rogered in the missionary position. If that doesn’t make u cum, nothing will. If that doesn’t make you cum, we have a suggestion for you: try homo porn. Because this ram definitely isn’t your speed. We know. This is as fine as it gets.

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posted by radmin on Aug 23

A Bra-ful of Joana

A Bra-ful of Joana

In a rare chat, Joana talks about her day-to-day life in her native Romania. That babe meditates and does yoga practice 2 hours a day. A vegan for years, Joana doesn’t eat meat. “Mushrooms are my meat,” Joana explains. Her diet is largely vegetables and fruit. Twice a year, Joana goes on a holiday retreat to the Darksome Sea or to the mountains where this babe acquires together with allies.

In front of Joana on the coffee table is a pile of brassieres. She’s gonna try on a not many of them after measuring herself. She’ll critique each one, too. Finding the right kind of undergarment for her mammaries is not an simple task. Buying bras that fit properly and look nice is always a defiance for Joana and other SCORELAND Girls. That babe prefers the brands Mary Jo and Prima Donna made in France. “I try to identify beautiful bras, but that is not always effortless in my size.” Joana does wonders filling out her SCORE reservoir.

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posted by radmin on Aug 21

Lipstick Areolas

Lipstick Nipples

Hitomi is great at self-sucking her pliable melons. That babe leaves her nipples covered with red lipstick smears in the clip while this babe spanks it on top of a bar. Her nipps are clear of lipstick marks in this photo set.

Hitomi was in Prague for the first time after final year’s voyage to Miami, which is featured in a SCORELAND specific. She didn’t must spend that much time touring the city’s historic spots but this babe did receive to play nice with British bird Lily Madison. That babe did acquire the voyage of a bee museum, of all places, shown in a Bonus clip, “Boobs Over Bees.” (That city needs a precious underneath garment museum.)

Hitomi’s English is getting more fine all the time and that babe works subrigid at it. When that babe 1st arrived in Mexico for her group shoot, that babe brought along a translator. In the Dominican Republic, Hitomi had a translating app on her smartphone. She is always looking to improve herself.

Now if u ever met Hitomi in a exotic dancing club or bar, the final thing you’d desire is for her to acquire on a bar top and play with her big fun bags and cunt. You’d try to take her to your place where you could be alone with her.

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posted by radmin on Aug 21

Triumphant Scones

Triumphant Tits

Do u know Paige Turner? You will now, and intimately, in her SCORELAND first appearance. Yep, Paige is a natural. A super-natural, in fact. A patron at a club suggested this babe become a SCORE glamour model and Paige took his advice. It is difficult to identify breasty dancers today, especially beauties with monumental natural love muffins, so tit-men who hit this lap dancing club must be in hooter heaven.

However, Paige says that babe doesn’t wear outfits that emphasize her ginormous pantoons. That is kind of sad for the world in general but Paige has her reasons. “I try to cover up as much as possible. Plenty of males are always staring at my rack.” Paige, we can’t assist it.

“When I approach guys, they acquire nervous,” Paige said. Maybe it is those lethal weapons this babe is carrying. That babe does have a permit for ’em. “I adore to go out on dates that have tons of adventure and passion.” Just checking out Paige’s curves is real passion.

More of Paige Turner is on the way.

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posted by radmin on Aug 19

Soapy Thrashing

Soapy Spanking

Lily Madison sent a photo to a guy’s phone and this chab strolled into a wall whilst he was looking at it. We can relate to this more than walking into a wall looking for fuckin’ Pokemon.

Lily can’t live out of to play the doll. It makes her feel even sexier than she already is. “I like to dress-up,” Lily told. “I have lots and plenty of lingerie and bikinis. I adore to wear costumes and get into character.” Lily would feel right at home at Comic Con in San Diego, California.

“A lot of American fellows say to me, ‘So many English angels have astronomical funbags. Is there smth in the water? What are they feeding you ‘cuz you all have such big, natural mammaries.’ I think they’re right. There are plenty of angels with greater than standard, natural boobies in Britain. I have a pair of busty friends, but none of ’em are as breasty as myself. I do not think my love muffins are growing anymore. Some of my bras are constricted, but majority of them fit.”

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posted by radmin on Aug 18

Roxi Red vs JMac

Roxi Red vs JMac

It’s Roxi Red vs JMac at SCORELAND in an epic match-up of lady-killer vs lady with mountainous natural bouncy bosoms. JMac can’t believe his eyes but seeing is believing. Tape-measuring and weighing supply even more evidence that this chab is in the presence of boob royalty, a angel that very not many beauties can measure up to, a genetic miracle of the mams.

Roxi tells JMac how this babe loves a lad to handle her bouncy bosoms. They may be super-huge, a pair of the humongous natural sucklers in the world, but Roxi doesn’t adore it rough and prefers the gentle treatment when it comes to boob play. When JMac palms each boob, it wobbles in his hands. Roxi jiggles them for him one time her top is discarded. When this chab rests his head on her lap, Roxi covers his face with her breasts. Being a vixen, she asks him if he can breathe comfortably. So who needs oxygen?

JMac can not await to try Roxi out for size. She knows it and smiles as this charmer strips her, then sits her on the edge of the ottoman, dropping trou and feeding her his jock. Roxi steals glances at the digital camera when his shlong disappears inside her breast valley, first as that babe is sat and then when this charmer straddles her on the couch for the classic tit-fucking position. JMac moves from between Roxi’s astronomical mams str8 into her cum-hole and gives her the ride this babe so richly merits.

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