posted by radmin on Oct 26

Below garment & Stocking Stuffer

Bra & Stocking Stuffer

“I love to dress provocatively,” says Janne Hollan who is a customer service rep for an automobile company. “Most often I wear a dark-skinned costume, or white and pink, my favorite colors. I often wear short skirts and blouses that expose my deep cleavage. People are always staring at me coz I costume the way I do. Because of my chest size (Fourty six inches/116 centimeters), I receive to wear a bra. When I am doing some kind of sport, it’s not quite impossible to be without a brassiere. When I am home or I’m chilling out I don’t wear one. Normally I wear knickers. I like dark-skinned or French sort.” Janne is another Eastern European girl with an unstoppable body and mammaries that take control of your mind and won’t let go. We must do a tally one day and watch what nation stacks up the most worthy. It is either going to be the Czechia or UK the way we see it. Janne is the covergirl of October ’12 Voluptuous, an event that stimulated the economy in the Czechia. Now, if Greece and Spain would detect us homegrown covermodels, we could help them likewise.

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