posted by radmin on Jan 22

Boob Camp

Boob Camp

Sgt. Tit Sucker should acquire down on his hands and knees and thank anybody for recruiting big-jugged sexbomb Candace Von. That dude rarely receives recruits with a rack love Candace at boob camp.

Candace has gotten all his attention since she arrived at the camp. In fact, all of the other recruits have left and enlisted in the navy instead. This gent doesn’t really give a copulate, not when he can give two copulates or more about Intimate Von.

Now the two of ’em spend all day and night going over her basic training. It is a miracle his overworked balls haven’t deserted and gone A.W.O.L.

Sgt. Tit Sucker will at not time need to do jumping jacks ever again. With a recruit like Candace Von below him, he’ll not at all must jack another time. He’ll be pitching enough tents to fill a camp ground.

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