posted by radmin on Sep 23

Bonin’ at the Bach Bash

Bonin' at the Bach Bash

If you are a smooth operator who has a most fantastic buddy, u are responsible for a small in number things. The first is lying for your buddy whenever he needs you to. If his ball and chain comes snoopin’ around, you deny and tell lies until you die or at least acquire your friend on the phone to warn him. The second thing u are responsible for is breakin’ your friends’ balls at each opportunity. This is important as it builds character and is just plain funny. The last thing you’re responsible for, and probably the almost any important thing of all, is getting your buddy some strippers for his bachelor party. And not just any run-of-the-mill-dancing-for-dollars stripper, either. Nope. U are responsible for getting him a sexy slut who is gonna drain his balls of every final drop of his single-man baby batter. A bimbo adore Holly Halston. This stripper takes it up her horny grab, in the face hole and most-importantly, up her taut wazoo.
So remember, when the time comes to do right by your almost all priceless bud, give him the gift that keeps on giving. Give him a big-tit hooker.

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