posted by radmin on Nov 20

Body Love Whoa!

Body Adore Whoa!

Superwoman Micky Bells is breasty and proud. Thank goodness for that. Society’s idiotic image of dish as having a rail-thin body is not healthy. “I feel very pleasured when people watch my big chest,” Micky tells us. “Not a lot of women have big mellons love mine. In fact, honey bunnys get operations and get fake bra buddies just to make ’em this greater than typical. I’m happy that people adore what they watch and view me. I love the attention. People always make comments. Sometimes they make bad comments about my zeppelins. They say things that hurt me because they are potty that I am not interested in their flirtation. Sometimes honeys get mad that their husbands are looking at me. But, for the majority part, people make comments that they enjoy seeing them. It is mostly wonderful comments.” Mickey says she can make a boy cum fast with her boobs. “I titty-fuck bucks. I think that all it takes is about 10 minutes, maximum, and then a boy will cum. I can make a ladies man cum very fast with just my mambos. I do not mind. Sometimes they cannot assist it. And sometimes, they wanna see their cum on my mammaries. I let ’em decide.” Micky can’t live out of a smooth operator to treat her knockers gently and gingerly. “I do not adore them to handle them roughly. Sometimes chaps get also horny and they seize ’em hard or pinch my teats very roughly. But, I most like to be touched gently and softly. I adore for my scoops to be caressed and my teats to be suckled gently. I prefer for guys to be sensual. That will make me get turned on and then I will be more ready to do what they crave.”

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