posted by radmin on Apr 7

Blond Bush

Blonde Bush

When all the other gals are shaving their cunts, Chloe is satisfied to be natural!

Chloe is comfortable in her own skin. She’s satisfied of her tiny tits and wouldn’t have ’em any other way. That babe too loves having a bush and not giving into the pressures of society to be absolutely shaved. “We shouldn’t be ashamed to have pubic hair. It’s natural. It is handsome and sexy. And although I could not care less about what’s popular, I guess pubes are making a big comeback.”

What do you adore the almost any about having a little bush?

“That it just feels love it is me. It’s a part of who I’m. I’d feel exposed with out my blonde little bush. I too love how squashy and fluffy it’s. And apparently, so do the males who I hook up with! They have no problem licking with tongue my fuzzy wet crack for a lengthy time. They tell me how valuable and squishy it feels against their faces.”

Have you ever shaven yourself absolutely shaved?

“Yes, I was bald down there for a whilst. It’s what most angels do so I thought it was what was reckoned of me. It was very cushioned but I abhored the maintenance and how my cunt would feel itchy if the hair grew out. I cant say that I’ll never do it again, coz who knows? But for now I’m fully appreciating my pubes and how low maintenance they are. They make me feel womanly.”

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