posted by radmin on Oct 7

Larger than average Cheeked Super Freak

Big Cheeked Super Freak

When I 1st met Aryana Adin, this babe was drooping out in sweatpants, a tank top and sneakers in our studio’s dressing room. She looked adore a truly laid-back, around-the-way kind of angel. Then we started talking and I knew that while that babe might be lovely and approachable love your commonplace girl-next-door, this babe is everything but. U watch, this California playgirl not only has a bangin’ body, but that babe also has a valuable head on her shoulders. She is currently working on getting her degree and is very dedicated to her studies. So, does that make her a prudish bookworm? Completely not! ‘coz one time Aryana started talking about sex, there was no stopping her. She’s a certified, 100% freak in the sheets. So, admirable hotty manners, Ivy League brains, bangin’ body AND sex skills? Yep…we might just be in love with Aryana, also.

BootyLicious: Are u a raunchy person? Is that why u came to porn?

Aryana Adin: Am I a carnal person? Hmm, I guess I can be. And I will be. And I like to be. So, you know…I’m worthwhile.

BootyLicious: Okay, so u have been doing this for about 18 months. U just started doing anal and you came for the 1st time from it on screen, too. But what indeed receives you off? I mean, adore, personally. What makes u cum the unsurpassable, Aryana?

Aryana Adin: Umm, I adore lezbos. When I was younger, nothing would make me lewd adore watching lesbians. I’d see girl on chap, threesomes, even solo, but no thing would make me as slutty as lesbos. I love watching sistas go at it subrigid. There is no thing like 2 stylish dark-skinned babes doing a hot lesbo scene.

BootyLicious: Okay, so it is just dark cuties that acquire you off?

Aryana Adin: Yeah, I like dark angels. I mean, I have been with a white hotty previous to. They are joy. I don’t think I have ever been with a Latin chick angel. Well, wait…have I ever been with a Latin babe goddess…? [Laughs.] Hold on, I am trying to think. [Laughs.] No, I haven’t. I mean, I would love to fuck one, but I haven’t. I know what I like.

BootyLicious: You adore hardcore dark lezbos, right?

Aryana Adin: [Laughs.] Yep, I do.

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