posted by radmin on Dec 11

Nude Brickhouse Broad

Bare Brickhouse Broad

“Next to sex, exotic dancing is my much loved thing to do. When I’m alone in a studio I like to let loose and practice barefoot. The kewl tile on my soles sends a shiver of delight from my heels to my slit. Somehow I always end up exotic dancing naked. In the mirror I examine the sleek silhouette of my legs as I stand on my tiptoes. The top of my foot is perfectly curved and my ankles are steady. When I drop my soles back to the floor I usually bring one leg up to the side of my face. Then I rub my in nature’s garb clitoris until my whole body is tense. When I am spread like that, each sensation is heightened. I can feel my hair tickling my raised calf and my inward hips stretching wider with want.”

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