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Candy Cunny

Candy Cunny

Ava, has anyone ever licked your worthwhile vagina in advance of?
“Yes, a pair of times. I liked it, but it was such a mission to get my briefs off ’cause I was so nervous about fooling around. People have endevoured previous to and given up ’cause I was sort of prude.”

Why were u nervous about it?
“Just ‘cuz I had never done anything in advance of, and I didn’t know if my muff was normal or not. I always felt adore I had large labia, and I was scared that if anybody saw them they’d be grossed out. But 3 people have eaten me out and they said me I’ve a good cunt and that it tastes really sweet and recent. That makes me feel better.”

Did u have joy the blowjob? Did you have an big O from it?
“The 1st time it was okay. I did not have an greater than typical O ’cause I just could not chill out. Then the second time was actually with a gal, and it was a really wonderful experience. That babe went slow and gentle, and I got indeed into it. I had 2 indeed admirable orgasms that time. So that babe kind of broke me in for the next lad who went down on me. Now I indeed like being eaten out. Next I need to try having sex.”

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