posted by radmin on Sep 28

April’s Tug Job Brings Cum Showers

April's Tug Job Brings Cum Showers

April Shay, a 21-year-old Nursing Assistant from Florida by way of New York, has fine, damp funbags and a real bitch face. But you cant see her face in those images ‘coz…well, cuz her boyfriend is an arsehole. A scarcely any days after those fotos were taken, April said, “My partner discovered out about me shooting with u boys. I solely told him about the solo photos and episodes and swore I did not do anything else. If this charmer sees the other ram I did, he’ll know I yanked some stranger’s dick. Is there anything you can do about it? Please?” Hey, we’re worthwhile dudes. And, contractually, we did not need to do anything. But we did. Cuz we suspect that April will have a very pleasing way of thanking us.

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