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The bosomiest of bosom, curvy buddies

The bosomiest of bosom, buxom buddies

Those 2 are a breast-man’s dream.

Brandy Talore and Angela White share their free hotel room, courtesy of SCORE. Brandy calls the front desk for a wake-up call. They were filming the Big busted Ladies of Baby oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) DVD that week with Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. The real Outstanding Four. Dave and I wound up in this DVD, also. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to wrestle the beauties. And, oddly enough, we didn’t receive any female fan mail after B.L.O.W. was released.

One as well as the other girls are in the same double ottoman. Almost all males would sell their souls to be in the middle of Angela and Brandy for one night.

“Brandy, if you are planning on intend to sleep, I need that side of the sofa,” Angela says.

“No, I’m already over here,” Brandy replies.

There’s a disturbance in the force, as Darth Vader would say. Smth is plan to happen.

“C’mon, I need that side,” Angela insists.

“Why?” Brandy says, a little annoyed.

“Because it’s likewise close to the air conditioner and I’ll receive cold,” Angela tells her.

“No!” Brandy says firmly.

“Are you serious?” Angela says. One as well as the other of them pick up pillows and whack every other. Brandy’s pillow knocks Angela’s strapless top off her chest, exposing her captivating, larger than average funbags.

In retaliation, Angela pulls on Brandy’s laces, but this babe has a difficult time so Brandy tries it herself. “What, cant even get your scones out?” Angela challenges.

“Of course I can,” Brandy says. Angela whacks her with a pillow anew. Calling a truce to their pillow pillaging, they make a decision that tongue giving a kiss and rubbing their teats together is more breathtaking.

Brandy was doing XXX with fellows at this point (her first 2 were at SCORE, naturally). Angela has always been into angels big-time but when this was shot, she was still a ages away from her 1st on-camera schlong in 2011 (with SCORE also). Imagine the two of them on one wang. The brain locks up thinking of what could have been.

Angela straps on a fake pink wang. There are more banging tools in her suitcase than a plumber has in his repair kit. Angela stands on the sofa and Brandy receives into a kneeling position. This babe tells Brandy to engulf it and “use lots of spit…” The angel knows. She knows all. She knows more than lots of boyz.

This was the only time Angela and Brandy connected. Today, Brandy is a web webcam adult model back home in Ohio and Angela is Australia’s most-popular porn star.

In the starting, they were the one and the other SCORE Beauties.

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