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American Pie

American Pie

Hey, Sydney! What’s your much loved thing about living in the South?
“I like lads and their trucks. Indeed, I recently had sex for the 1st time in the back of a pick-up! We did it doggie-style, which is pretty, but I urge to try it other ways and out of bug bites.”

How did you get so flexible?
“I’m truly into cheerleading and I just took my first pole lap dancing class. I adore it! It is a great way to stay in shape and feel hawt at the same time. I have fantasies of boyz watching me pole dance and it gets me so slutty and wet, although the angels in the class are indeed hot, too! I love to view them move their constricted bodies. I’d not at all thought of gals in that way until I started pole exotic dancing.”

So what kind of bucks do u usually adore? Bad males? Admirable bucks? Maturer?
“I like lads that can make me greater than typical O. When I 1st started having sex it was kind of awkward, but now it’s much more worthwhile ‘cuz I know what I want and how to get off with a woman chaser. But more importantly, they acquire to make me giggle! Oh, and I adore sporty types. Their bodies are always so hawt and pumped up, and typically they are likewise well-hung. [Laughs] I urge a lad who has a nice work ethic with his oral fun skills! It takes me a lengthy time to cum during oral job, but seeing me groan and shake all over is definitely worth the work!”

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