posted by radmin on Apr 15

Alice In Boob Wonderland

Alice In Boob Wonderland

Alice85JJ used to be a bartender. Imagine the reaction this babe got from her customers when they sitting at the bar. She didn’t say what this babe wore on the job but we can picture it in our daydreams. Alice is the preeminent super-natural super-natural and that’s no typographical error.

Alice plays no sports and doesn’t work out. It would be difficult to do either of those activities with the size of her mountainous, phenomenal bosoms. In this scene, she does get tons of chest exercises of the swinging, bouncing and jiggling kind. Alice is really in a league of her own.

“I’m a straight person and I adore to be honest and tell people what I feel,” Alice told. “I think people appreciate that.”

Alice has sensitive bumpers. “My areolas are very sensitive. It just takes a easy touch and I feel so much joy. Cuz of my breast size, I do not necessarily have to wear beautiful clothes to draw attention to them.”

True that, but seeing Alice in a low-cut dress or a reservoir top adds some other layer to the joy.

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