posted by radmin on Jan 19

A Rump for Ridin’

A Rump for Ridin'

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Mina. In the Jan. ’09 issue of BootyLicious, you said u were looking for a Lothario to buy you good things. How did that decide?

“It takes lots of nice bawdy cleft and sloppy head to acquire a smooth operator to take care of you, so u know that I’m putting in plenty of work. But it is paying off cuz I am well taken care of. I’ve my charmer at home who takes care of me when I am in need of some cash and a schlong to work my butt. And I’ve my vacation males and they break me off when I’m relaxing at some tropical spot. When I went to Miami, I met up with Pike, and that gent can’t live without to eat fur pie, so I call him my 305 fellow. We were in Ridin’ Kewl Booties, and our scene was so hot that I watch it when I’m alone and playing with my vagina.”

Do your bucks know that you make pornos?

“All of the chaps I am with know about my movie scenes and that I posed for you. I tell them and it not at any time turns them off. In fact, it makes them wanna fuck me even more! Sometimes they wish to view my scenes during the time that we are getting freaky. I always say yes to that.”

Tell us about the wildest thing that u have done whilst you were rogering, Mina. We urge to know the freaky details!

“I’ll tell you a worthwhile story. I met this couple at a exotic dancing club, and they were one as well as the other all about fucking me. They wanted to tag-team my booty! I didn’t mind coz they were both hawt. So, I took them to my hotel room and I showed them some of my home pornos. Well, they got so into it that they told me to whip out my digital camera and direct them in a scene. Eventually, it led to ’em doing their first anal ever, and I caught it on film!”

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