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60Plus MILF’s 1st time

60Plus MILF's 1st time

And now, it’s time for Mia Magnusson, our newest 60Plus M.I.L.F., to fuck on-camera for the first time.

The boy she is screwing is Twenty six years old, which means he’s easily young enough to be her son and nearly young enough to be her grandson.

“Women today are skillful to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and suddenly, youthful sexy dudes adore maturer babes,” Mia said. “That works for me. I’m sure there’s always been people like that, but I think it’s a new phenomenon.”

Well, not that fresh. has been around for a while, and in advance of that, had its share of 60somethings.

“I am a total exhibitionist,” said Mia, who was born in Australia, now lives in Las Vegas and prefers the word HORNY HOUSEWIFE to cougar because “cougar sounds predatory.”

Well, that depends. Lots of us adore to be preyed on by captivating, sexy, maturer women love Mia.

“When you’re younger, being awkward and bashful, you are a lot more inhibited and timid, and, at least hotties, you attach a great romantic expectation with out sex when you are younger, so you are always riding that high and low of broken hearts, and when u acquire maturer, u can savour it for what it is. Freer and more enjoyment.”

Mia is very free in this scene, and she’s obviously having lots of joy. So is the buck, who cums all over her face.

By the way, Mia is a divorcee, a Mom and a grandmother, so this babe ticks off all the boxes. And now she is getting her box tag-teamed on-camera!

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