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posted by radmin on Sep 30

Her Sweet Thickness

Her Sweet Thickness

Jordan LuXXX is a big flirt with big tits, thick thighs and a big ass who always gets what she wants. All five feet of her without the high heels. If she wants a man, she’s going to get him. If she wants his cock, she’s going to get it. Heck, she may even want your girl, too, and get her.

“I’ve dated a lot of girls,” 40-38-48 Jordynn said. “I’m bi-sexual, so I’ve had many sexual encounters with girls. For a while, I was only dating girls. And I’ve had many threesomes and group sex sessions, too. It’s all so much fun. I love cock, I love big tits and I love asses. It’s great.

“I’ve always been the bustiest and the curviest girl around. Well, almost always. There was a girl who transferred to my school in the 10th grade who had tits as big as mine. That was the only time I was ever around someone as busty as I am.”

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Mandy Monroe gets filled up

Mandy Monroe gets filled up

Mandy Monroe, a 51-year-old wife and mom, has one toy in her pussy, another in her ass and another in her mouth when Milan shows up. She asks him to join her, and he doesn’t hesitate. Before long, he’s balls-deep in her mouth, pussy and asshole.

50Plus MILFs: What’s your idea of a great evening out?

Mandy: Dates with hubby are always the best, usually dinner and maybe a stop at the adult theater for a little fun. Sometimes just some people-watching is perfect as well. I do like to go on dates where I meet a new guy to see if he is someone I might like to play with. On occasion, hubby lets me go on dates with guys by myself, and that is extremely exciting.

50Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate?

Mandy: Only occasionally…if hubby is gone for days. I prefer to wait for him or find a guy to take care of that.

50Plus MILFs: What sexually satisfies you best?

Mandy: Connection and lots of caressing of my body is a nice start, but in the end, we both get the big O! Sometimes I do just need to be fucked hard and by multiple men. Just let them bang it out. Verbal affirmations or just plain dirty talk is such a favorite.

50Plus MILFs: Sex with young men?

Mandy: Yes, many times and many more are in the works!

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What big tits you have, Grandma!

What big tits you have, Grandma!

Mona Marley, a 64-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, leads with her tits, and we’re not burying the lede, although we’re sure you’d love to bury your cock between her soft, natural breasts. Later this week, a lucky stud is going to do just that, as well as fuck her pussy and shoot his load on her rack, but today, you have Mona all to yourself. She plays with her tan-lined beauties, fingers her slightly hairy pussy and fucks herself with a clear dildo.

60Plus MILFs: How do you dress when you go out?

Mona: It depends. Mostly elegant, although I like to show some cleavage. The clothes I’m wearing in this scene are my own.

60Plus MILFs: What are your hobbies?

Mona: Playing piano, fitness and skiing.

60Plus MILFs: Do you masturbate?

Mona: Yes, once in a while, but I prefer the real thing.

60Plus MILFs: Are you sexually aggressive or passive?

Mona: It depends on who I’m with. If I’m with a young man, I’ll definitely be more aggressive.

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The Pantyless Wonder

The Pantyless Wonder

“I’ve gotten into the habit of not wearing a bra or underwear. I like feeling free and comfortable, and the less clothes I have on, the better. Plus, it saves me on laundry too! But what I like best about it is that it’s easy access. If a guy wants to feel up my tits, all he has to do is slide his hands up my shirt. To have sex, all I have to do is pull down my shorts and bend over. There’s nothing like a guy fucking you from behind with your face pressed against the wall and your shorts around your ankles.”

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Ball-draining Bella

Ball-draining Bella

So, how was your first time fucking on-camera, Bella?
“I was a little bit nervous at first, especially since I was going to be in front of a camera. But after a few minutes I was able to relax and enjoy it. I prepared by watching pornos the night before so I could have an idea of what to expect. It hurt a little at first when he slipped inside me, but then it felt really good. He was so big!”

Did you have an orgasm?
“Yep. I had a nice, big orgasm all over the guy’s cock. I could feel my pussy squeezing him as it was happening, and my body got tense and twitchy. After I came, I had to rest for a minute because it was so intense. But, then I was ready to fuck again. I wanted the guy to cum as hard as I did. And he did…all over my face and tits!”

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Flexi Betty fucks herself

Flexi Betty fucks herself

Betty Boobs says her tits are better than morning coffee…especially if you wake up with morning wood. Her big tits are creamier than milk, too. But rather than having breakfast, Mrs. Boobs, who is 49 years old and a mom, is going to play with her toys and show you how she sucks cock. Deep and wet, that’s how, with lots of puckering suction. And then she’s going to fuck her pussy with those toys while showing off her impressive flexibility.

40Something: How is sex now compared to when you were younger?

Betty: It’s a lot more enjoyable now. You relax more. It’s more fun. They say when you hit 40, sex gets better, and I think that’s true. I love sex.

40Something: What do you do for a guy to make him feel special?

Betty: Well, first I cook him a hot meal, then I make sure to turn on some rap, ’cause an awesome BJ always has good rap in the background. I always bring the toys in so that they can get me to the biggest orgasm they can. It always makes a man feel good when a woman shakes so much, he has to catch her as she comes off his cock! I’m always ready for sex. I’m always wanting more.

40Something: What kinds of things make you extra horny?

Betty: Waking up in the morning. [Laughs] I am super-horny most of the time. If I get fucked really good, then I get extra horny and I can’t get enough. I have two sex machines and plenty of toys, but a younger man with a rock-hard cock? Yeah! I get super-horny from popping the cougar cherry of men in their 20s. I’m the one you don’t tell your momma about!

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Nubiles - Danaa


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Sep 28, 2021


Danaa may be just 19, but this Czech hottie is an elegant young coed who loves to dress up nice and neat until it’s time to get naked and busy with her lovely self. You won’t be able to get enough of watching this insatiable coed get it on.

posted by radmin on Sep 28

Arianna, Michelle and Lana in Big Boob Finishing School

Arianna, Michelle and Lana in Big Boob Finishing School

Big Boob Finishing School is a multi-girl feature film starring Michelle Bond, Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans, Sophie Mae, Valory Irene and Eden.

Admittedly, the plot of Big Boob Finishing School is a bit unlikely. Arianna, Sophie, Eden, Valory and Lana all have huge, natural racks, but they can’t keep a boyfriend.

Kind of stretches belief even more than these girls stretch any top they wear, doesn’t it?

Anyway, they go off to Portugal and enroll in Michelle’s finishing school, in which Ms. Bond teaches them how to become the ultimate man-pleasers.

Like they aren’t already, right?

Of course, they all graduate with honors.

In this scene, Michelle is giving Lana and Arianna personal instructions. She’s teaching them how to be porn stars in the bedroom. She’s going to teach them how to wake up a man in the morning: with a blow job, of course.

One of the more-memorable moments comes when Michelle has Lana play the man and Arianna says things like, “Oh, honey, can you fuck me now? My pussy needs you.” Lana continues playing the role of the man as she fucks Arianna with a strap-on while Michelle continues her instructions.

At this point, you’ll be in a state of Magna Cum, Laude or otherwise.

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