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posted by radmin on May 31

Katlynn’s step-son fucks her ass

Katlynn's step-son fucks her ass

This scene picks up where Tuesday’s left off. Katlynn Keys, a 40-year-old cougar, is in bed, tits out, legs spread, playing with her pussy and ass, when her step-son walks in on her. Now, some women would be angry about this, but not Katlynn. Her hubby hasn’t been fucking her, and she needs some cock. But where does she need some cock?

1. Down her throat. Katlynn has very impressive blow job skills. She gives a wet, sloppy blow job and sucks balls, too.
2. In her ass. Her step-son never gets to fuck her pussy in this scene. He only fucks her ass. That’s one way to avoid getting your horny step-mom pregnant. And if Dad asks, “Have you been fucking my wife?” you can always say, “Yeah, but never in her pussy. Only in her ass.”

“Fine, Son.”

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posted by radmin on May 31

Ashton Blake: Dirty Talking Jerk-Off Instructor

Ashton Blake: Dirty Talking Jerk-Off Instructor

Ashton Blake is a dirty talking hot wife, a swinger, a cam girl and a nudist. She spreads her pussy and butthole on webcam. She loves to fuck young guys who have big dicks and large loads of cum to squirt on her face and tits and in her asshole and pussy. Ashton likes double penetration and anal fucking. She started swinging in her twenties.

Ashton fantasizes about actor Mathew McConaughey talking dirty to her. “I don’t even need to fuck him. I just want to listen to his voice.” McConaughey would be pleased if he ever found out.

“I love a guy who knows how to use his hands and fingers. I just melt away. Then I just need a good, hard fuck. I don’t have as much sex as you would think. Being in this industry makes me more selective and I like evenings that are more planned so there’s time to watch porn and play with toys. I enjoy watching but haven’t embraced the BDSM lifestyle.”

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Tiny Tease

Tiny Tease

“My dad has this employee who’s really cute. He’s a bit older than me, maybe 30 or 32. I’ve been trying to give him signals that I’m interested, but I guess because he works for my dad he’s cautious. I was tired of waiting for him to make a move so I just went for it. I waited till we were all alone and I asked him to stay and keep me company. I think at first he was surprised at how forward I was, but once I started rubbing his cock through his pants, he was all in. As I started sucking his dick, I couldn’t help but think, oh shit, it’s really happening! He was rock hard and I could tell he was as turned on as I was. My pussy was making macaroni noises once we started fucking. As we were having sex, I got the idea for him to cum on my face. I’d never done it before, but everything was so hot that it seemed like the right move. And it totally was. He unleashed a huge load all over my face and in my mouth.”

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Nubiles - Clara Trinity

NubilesClara Trinity

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May 25, 2021


Amateur teen spinner Clara Trinity is a tight little package who is made to be fucked. This little kitty will let you make her purr if you ask nicely. Just take it slow because she’s a little bit shy, but once she gets going she’s eager to cum.

posted by radmin on May 30

Winter Rae: A Trip To The Strip Club

Winter Rae: A Trip To The Strip Club

A trip to the local strip club starts off with a horny lap dance and escalates when the big-busted stripper turns out to be living sex-doll Winter Rae. In this club, the management looks the other way so everyone can have a big bang.

“I’ve never worked in a strip club,” Winter said. We never would’ve guessed. We’ve been to countless strip joints and Winter’s got her stripper and lap dance moves so down, she would become the star of the club.

“I love getting fucked really hard and I like to have sex every day. I have had multiple three-ways with my husband and another girl. We’ve had sex many times in public. Too many different times to count. In cars, bathrooms, on the beach and on the boat out on the lake. That’s my favorite.”

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Luna Azul’s tits and pussy show

Luna Azul's tits and pussy show

Here’s Luna Azul, a 64-year-old mother and grandmother from California who started fucking in our studios when she was in her 50s. Today, Luna is going to show you her big tits. She’s going to fuck her pierced, very wet pussy with her fingers. She’s going to spread her asshole.

Our favorite Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something pussy pounded by porn cocks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swingers clubs. If that doesn’t tell you how horny this divorcee is, nothing will. We asked her what makes her horny, and she said, “Being near a luscious, hard cock. Someone once asked me, ‘Do you like young cock?’ and I responded by saying, ‘Does a bear shit in the woods?'”

In addition to being very sexy, Luna is one of the nicest women we’ve ever met. She’s friendly, kind and considerate. She has a great sense of humor. She doesn’t think she’s all that just because she’s a sex superstar. She said if a man wants to meet her, he “should give me an insight into his personality. I want a man who is willing to make me the center of his attention and be willing to help me.”

Help her in and out of bed…or wherever?

“That’s good, too!”

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Anal only! Katlynn fucks her step-son

Anal only! Katlynn fucks her step-son

This scene picks up where Tuesday’s left off. Katlynn Keys, a 40-year-old cougar, is in bed, tits out, legs spread, playing with her pussy and ass, when she hears a noise. Who is it? It’s her step-son. He apologizes profusely for intruding, kinda covering his eyes, and at first, Katlynn sounds angry.

“That’s what you get when you don’t knock,” she says.

But then she says, “Come here.”

He’s Katlynn’s step-son, and he’s about to get some of what his father’s been getting…or hasn’t been getting. Katlynn tells him she and his dad haven’t fucked for months.

“I’m so horny,” she says, and before long, she has her step-son’s cock in her mouth and down her throat. Katlynn’s deep-throat skills are impressive; she swallows his big, young cock down to the balls and gags herself on it. But the best is yet to come.

“While your dad’s away, we get to play,” she says.

Turns out that her idea of playing is taking her step-son’s cock deep inside her ass BEFORE he gets to sample her pussy. In fact, he IS NEVER IN HER PUSSY. He’s always in her ass.

Now, that’s one way to avoid getting your horny step-mom pregnant. And if Dad asks, “Have you been fucking my wife?” you can always say, “Yeah, but never in her pussy. Only in her ass.”

“Fine, Son.”

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Amanda’s afternoon delight

Amanda's afternoon delight

There’s a lot of action and very little talk in this scene as Amanda Rose, a 52-year-old divorcee, mother and office worker from the Czech Republic gets boned by Joe’s big cock.

When the scene opens, red-headed Amanda is wearing sexy lingerie and fishnet stockings. She gets naked very quickly, then her guy shows up. She’s happy to see him. She’s already been rubbing her hairy pussy, but when he shows up, he does it for her and they kiss passionately. That’s a nice thing to see in a porn scene. You don’t see it too often. But then something happens that we always see: Amanda gets between his legs and sucks his big cock. She has impressive BJ skills, and we like the moments when she gives a look at us while sucking his dick.

“I love the idea of people watching me while I’m having sex,” Amanda said. “I hope all you guys out there are jacking off for me.”

Then it’s fucking time, so Amanda mounts his well-lubricated cock and rides him reverse-cowgirl. The more turned-on she gets, the harder and faster she rides him. She gets fucked in the spoon position, too, tits jiggling, before taking a fucking break to suck her cunt juices off his rod and wrap her lips around his balls.

But the fucking isn’t over yet! As the saying goes, the fuckin’ isn’t over until the old lady cums a few more times. That happens as Amanda gets fucked missionary and doggy-style before he cums all over her hairy pussy. And then they kiss again. How sweet…before she sucks the excess cum off his cock-head. Very nice.

“I love the taste of cum,” Amanda said.

Very, very nice.

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