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posted by radmin on Oct 31

Wanna Score?

Wanna Score?

Welcome to BootyLicious, Jayden. Are you a player, or do you just crush a lot?
“I am a player and I know that I crush more than majority honey bunnys! [Laughs.] But don’t receive it twisted, I play softball and I too ride horses, so u know, I’m active. But if we are talking about fucking, then I do that, also. Sex is part of my routine to keep my body taut.”

What other activities are u doing to acquire your fitness on, Jayden?
“I used to decide a lot when I was a dancer, but now I just concentrate on my adult modeling career. I just started adult modeling, but I truly love it. I get paid to do what I love, which is have sex. There’s nothing better than that.”

Tell us one of your fantasies.
“These days when I masturbate, I like to think about fucking 20 dudes at one time. I imagine them taking turns drilling my wet crack and throat. I’d like to get cum on by a bunch of chaps at one time. Cum turns me on.”

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This flattie craves boobs

This flattie wants tits

Lives: Albuquerque, Recent Mexico; Occupation: Scholar; Age: 20; Born: March 21; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Briefs; Anal: No! BJs: Swallow some; Diddle: A lot.

“I’d like to have 34C knockers. Perhaps if I hook up with a rich buck someday, he’ll buy them for me,” said Sydney. “My partner (he’s 26) likes just looking at my vagina whether it’s spread open or not. That fellow says it’s the sexiest pussy he’s ever observed. I guess that’s a bit odd, but what the heck. As far as sex goes, I would screw daily if I could. My petticoat chaser and I often make plans to go out, but end up screwing at his place or mine, instead. I can cum any way we shag if this chab takes his time. I make a lot of noise when I’m cumming and I shudder a lot. And my puss acquires real creamy. My boy loves that.”

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Tracey, has a skirt chaser ever asked you to shave your pubes?
“No. In advance of I bonk a buck I kind of let him know that I have a bush so he’s not taken by surprise. I’ll try to identify a way to mention that I don’t shave down there. And as far as I know, all the lads I’ve hooked up with have been okay with pubes, especially the maturer lads. It appears to be adore the 40-plus men indeed love pubes on girls!”

Why do u think aged boys adore girls with hirsute pubes?
“I’m not sure. One fellow told me it’s ‘cuz it reminds him of when this chab was younger and it was normal for all girls to have pubes. And another one said me that this chab can’t live without the way fuzzy cookie feels and smells.”

Will u ever shave?
“Maybe one day just to watch what it’s love to have a smooth love tunnel. I’m interested to know what all the rage is about.”

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Nikki: hawt and smart

Nikki: sexy and smart

Nikki Smith on: Giving wonderful head.

“Honestly, I started watching porn. The 1st thing I learned from porn that I was indeed amorous about was how to put a cock-sock on a rod with out using your hands. So I was really pleasured of myself when I mastered that. That was a bigger in size than typical step in my sex abilities.”

Nikki Smith on: Her irrumation advice for cuties.
“Definitely take it deep. Gag yourself if u have to. It’s outstanding; they love it. Not also much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the weenie. And savour it. Don’t engulf pecker if u do not adore it. It completely ruins it. If you enjoy it, they relish it. If u don’t relish it, they don’t relish it as much.

Nikki Smith on: Casual sex.
“There’s a time and a place for it I suppose. If I am intend to have amenable sex with someone then it is intend to strictly be nonchalant sex. I don’t wanna have sex likewise pretty soon with anybody I am interested in go out with. I just need some no-strings-attached cock, and sometimes that works. But usually if I’m interested in a relationship I take it a little slower.”

Nikki Smith on: In a relationship with.
“Surprisingly enough, when it comes to go out with I’m a little old fashioned. I do not usually kiss on a 1st date. I definitely do not have sex on a 1st date. I indeed solely elect to have intimate sex with a husband if I feel like the relationship is intend to last for a little while. Not everyone who takes me out to dinner is going to receive laid. I guess that is the monumental thing. And I just adore to relish. I like to do random things. I think a joy date is going to the batting cages or plan to have frozen yogurt. And like I said, having sex in the parking lot afterward! Of course that is after I receive to that point with anybody.”

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Philadelphia’s Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia's Hottest Attraction

Philadelphia has its Liberty Belle, the Rocky Balboa statue from Rocky 3, and the Phillies baseball team. They also have local bombshell Sadie Bloom who is in our book the hottest attraction this town has to suggest. Sadie can’t live with out take-charge males who are as ready to roll as she’s. “I desire to have spontaneous quickies all over city if I can,” Sadie discloses. No doubt Sadie has no shortage of volunteers insane to be the woman chaser part of the plan. “I’m a sucker for corny-romantic dates. But I have been with as many beauties as I’ve with guys. Beauties have captivating bodies and curves and I like to caress, lick and adore every inch of ’em. I one time went to a Superbowl party that turned into a five-some, 3 chaps and 2 angels. It was pleasure!” On the hobby side, not that sex cant be a hobby or a sport, Sadies says that “I’m a decent artist. I’m too an mind boggling cook and a truly fast learner.” Sadie was a very fast learner in the SCORE studio, amazingly fast for a first-timer. As for the sex scenes Sadie did, there was no thing that babe needed to learn!

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SaRenna And Dani Ashe

SaRenna And Dani Ashe

The art of munching is no more outstanding played out than in this classic SaRenna Lee – Danni Ashe collision lensed in London and published in June 1996 SCORE Mag. SaRenna and Danni-we can think of no greater duett, beautifully lit and photographed here. One as well as the other girls are only 5’2″ but for some reason, SaRenna always appears to be taller than Danni. Unfortunately, this back issue is sold out. Gone. Zippo. In the libraries of collectors who would give up their left nut rather than part with this issue.

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Up-close and personal with Jenna and her extraordinary, suckable nip

Up-close and personal with Jenna and her awesome, suckable nip

Jenna Covelli, a 50-year-old Mom of two from California, continues her initial debut week at by sitting down for an interview.
“I’m lustful,” Jenna says. But this babe says she’d be less nervous if this babe had a meat-thermometer in her hand. Either hand. “I’m ambidextrous when it comes to penis,” this babe says.
Born in Oakland, California, now living in Palm Springs, California, Jenna has an L.A. face with an Oakland wazoo, and that’s definitely a wonderful thing. As for her nipples…well, we cant name the geographic region they come from, although “Long” Island or “Long” Beach would be appropriate.
“They’re 3 quarters of an inch lengthy,” Jenna says as this babe pops out those 2 miracles at the end of her funbags. “I measured ’em myself. People have asked me if I’ve nipple implants. I just snicker. I did not think there was such a thing as a nipp implant.”

Hey, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Here’s what we do know: Jenna is 5’8″, 130 pounds and measures 36-25-36…the same as this babe measured Twenty years ago…close to what she measured 30 years ago. She loves exercising, especially Cross-Fit. In fact, after a day of banging in our studio, Jenna headed down to the Cross-Fit down the block for an hour-long workout.
“When you feel sexy, sex is so much better,” Jenna says.
That babe loves her body. U will, too.

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Your Castigation

Your Punishment

Dominique is a demanding whore of a boss who treats her staff like trash. This babe yells and screams and makes them jump through all the hoops that babe can. She barely gives them breaks. U wonder why they stick around, don’t you? Maybe it’s cuz they understand that a female in vigour is not solely hot, but the fact that that babe dominates makes for some serious, on-edge, raunchy anticipation. Look at as this employee bides his time until he can damp Dominique’s legs, poking her to vigour him to his knees to clean up his mess. And on his knees in advance of his goddess’ gams is exactly where this chab urges to be.

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