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Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

“I was snapping bras left and right through high-school,” Amora Lee told. “I remember when I started working–that’s when I saw the Oprah unveil with a undergarment fitter–I told my aged co-worker, ‘I acquire to acquire measured. Where would I must go to receive measured?’ I went to three different stores in Orlando because everyone told to go to Lane Bryant. Victoria’s Secret is a joke for me. I was wearing them when I realized I had on the wrong-size under garment.”

As a naturally chesty super-babe, Amora gets the ordinary question.

“What gets me the most is that I get asked all the time if my wobblers are real. I say, ‘Of course they’re real. Where would I get the money to purchase bazookas this large?’ And they’re adore, ‘No, they can not be,’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, they are.’ When I eat, u know how some people say it goes to their belly or their haunches? No. When I eat, it stops at my mellons 1st and then it might disperse a little to my stomach and a little to my thighs but it always begins at my scones.”

The fact is, no one can buy the kind of juggs Amora is blessed with, and that is not fake news.

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Army Brats ‘N’ A-hole

Army Brats 'N' Ass

Life in the military can be rough so every now and then a recruit needs to loosen up in the barracks. In this case, unwinding is a big-booty orgy that would make Uncle Sam gratified.

The scene starts with Ravishing Sinsacion asking Raven if this babe works out. If this babe doesn’t, she is going to get a real workout right now. U gotta warm up in advance of each workout, so Sweet Sinsacion acquires the blood flowing by massaging Raven’s arse and then turns around for some booty-cheek poppin’.

Xena can not be left with out all the joy, though. During the time that the other two were playing, that babe was makin’ sure she had a pair of chaps to fill her hungry love tunnel.

“Y’all are in here ass-fuckin’,” this babe said. “I discovered me a lil’ sausage to go with my bun.”

A couple of hung dudes who are ready to be served up three helpings of phat a-hole walk into their barracks.

These three big-booty bitches get to have been in meat-thermometer withdrawal, coz they shag like they haven’t had a wonderful piece of meat in a minute.

“Oh yes, fuck me soldier boy,” Raven says as one ladies man beasts on her cum-hole doggie-style.

If there is one thing a soldier knows how to do, it is follow instructs. Worthwhile thing, because these women can’t acquire sufficient. They’re poppin’ wet crack and sweatin’ adore they can’t receive enough sexin’.

“Fuck me like u wish a promotion,” Enjoyable Sinsacion screams.

They do wish promotions, and display their eagerness by dropping titanic nuts on Pleasing Sinsacion and Xena’s asses and onto Raven’s face.

That is what we call an honorable let off.

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Sturm Warning

Sturm Warning

Is Sandra Sturm in a state of constant raunchy heat? This scene of her writhing on the couch was filmed shortly in advance of she did her hardcore clip and images. Sandra worked herself up glamorous wonderful. “I was thinking about the sex I was gonna have later,” Sandra said.

Going from nurse to pornstar was not a major leap for Sandra. “As a nurse, I treated lots of male patients and saw their dicks, handled ’em and gave ’em procedures. Many times I saw they would acquire an hardon when they looked at me.”

Sandra stays fit not only with lots of sex and orgasms but with going to the gym or working out 3 times a week. “I desire to try bungee jumping one day,” told Sandra, a motorcycle fan.

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Give Up That Gazoo!

Give Up That Wazoo!

Have we ever mentioned that we love gals who do anal? ‘Cause we do. And we adore Bella cuz that babe takes it up her a-hole adore a champ. That babe doesn’t crave just the tip, that babe craves the entire fuckin’ enchilada deep in her anus, stretching out her starfish and making her cum inflexible. “I know I am juvenile, but I already like doing anal. I don’t always cum from getting banged in my slit, but I always cum from getting drilled in my a-hole.”

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Alice In Boob Wonderland

Alice In Boob Wonderland

Alice85JJ used to be a bartender. Imagine the reaction this babe got from her customers when they sitting at the bar. She didn’t say what this babe wore on the job but we can picture it in our daydreams. Alice is the preeminent super-natural super-natural and that’s no typographical error.

Alice plays no sports and doesn’t work out. It would be difficult to do either of those activities with the size of her mountainous, phenomenal bosoms. In this scene, she does get tons of chest exercises of the swinging, bouncing and jiggling kind. Alice is really in a league of her own.

“I’m a straight person and I adore to be honest and tell people what I feel,” Alice told. “I think people appreciate that.”

Alice has sensitive bumpers. “My areolas are very sensitive. It just takes a easy touch and I feel so much joy. Cuz of my breast size, I do not necessarily have to wear beautiful clothes to draw attention to them.”

True that, but seeing Alice in a low-cut dress or a reservoir top adds some other layer to the joy.

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DP’d and contented

DP'd and proud

It comes as totally no surprise that Ashton Blake is getting DP’d by two obese schlongs in her second scene at That is coz this babe got ass-fucked in her first scene. It is too cuz she’s a self-described hoochie who says that babe likes nothing more than a priceless, rigid bonk. And coz this 45-year-old wife obviously turned herself into a copulate toy–big, fake titties, pierced tongue, matching jewelry in her shaved pussy–for just those purposes.

So, when Ashton overhears Johnny and Tyler talking about how sexy this babe is, this babe invites ’em to experience her hotness for themselves. As DP scenes go, this one is a 10.

“I’ve been a swinger since my Twentys,” Ashton told. “With all the groups now, it’s easier to discover other people who have the same interest. My wildest experience was a Dual Penetration with a husband on a Tuesday night. I think each experience is unequalled, plus I have tons of stories that I can add. I’d need more time and space.”

And now, one of those stories can be about the time this babe came to our studio and got DP’d and overspread in cum. Both chaps cum on her arse, by the way, so Ashton reaches back to spoon it up and eat it.

Ashton, who’s from Pittsburgh, told us, “I feel most comfortable with out my underneath garment, so I tend to wear garments that can cover my areola piercings. I refer to that as family affable. If I am out and partying I dress rather racy. I love the freedom to not be ashamed of your body.”

There’s totally no reason for Ashton to ever be ashamed of her body. This babe should be proud. DP’d and satisfied.

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Deep Throating Dad’s Ally

Deep Throating Dad's Friend

Madison is drawing ramrods in her notebook, but she’d rather be sucking and banging one. Enter her dad’s friend. This chab is pissed about something. Madison doesn’t care. This babe just urges his penis. This babe goes right for it, showing fantastic unfathomable face hole skills for a gal her age. Madison gets so turned on blowing him that she’s ready to fuck right away. Apparently swallowing knob is all the foreplay this babe needs.

Madison has a fat slit and little mangos. Her arse jiggles in doggie-style. This babe loves to receive pounded, and she’ll let you know when you are rogering her just right by moaning and asking for more. She is not afraid to ask for what that babe desires. That’s why she gets maturer schlong, and that’s why that babe gets her boobies and stomach drizzled in ball batter.

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From Japan With Love

From Japan With Love

Young and big-boobed Kaho Shibuya from Tokyo is a living doll: fascinating, sexy and soft-spoken. Kaho plays with her bras and a tape measure and gives herself a hand in daybed. This babe takes her time and is in no rush. One of her sexiest features is solely in the video: her voice.

“I always wear a brassiere,” said Miss Shibuya, whose English is killer. “I like to buy Japanese bras. Even when I go to couch, I go to sleep with my wireless under garment. And when I go to daybed, I masturbate. I masturbate nearly daily. Sometimes I masturbate twice a day.”

What satisfies Kaho preeminent during sex?

“I like intensive eye-contact while thrusting. But in advance of that, I love it when my fullsome funbags are licked and sucked softly.”

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